Bullfrogs threaten B.C. ecosystems

Source: Canadian Geographic (April 2013 Issue)

While their kin are declining worldwide, Canada’s largest amphibian, the bullfrog, is multiplying out of control in British Columbia — with some human help.

Like the coin in a giant slot machine, a blood-red sun inserts itself into a cleft between two hills overlooking the Highlands rural residential area outside Victoria, B.C. At Trevlac Pond, where a jigsaw of cars and canoes fills a small driveway beside a woodland cottage, the mid-July gloaming buzzes with more than mosquitoes as teams and equipment are sorted. One boat will carry Purnima Govindarajulu, a reptile and amphibian specialist with the B.C. Ministry of Environment, biologist Christian Engelstoft and Hitomi Kimura, a biological technician at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo; a second will contain Neville Grigg and Pattie Whitehouse of the Highlands Stewardship Foundation, a volunteer citizen group that promotes the health of local lakes; and a third will bear the interlopers — myself and photographer Deddeda.

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