What do we do?

Some of our activities include:

  • Collaboration with over 50 stakeholders, land managers and stewardship groups
  • Annual coordination meetings to bring land managers together to discuss high priority invasive species and potential strategies for management
  • Inventory and management of high priority species regionally, on behalf of our stakeholders and funders
  • Mechanical treatments and coordination of treatment throughout the region, on behalf of our stakeholders and funders
  • Invasive species hotline for residents to report species or discuss concerns
  • Annual invasive species tours throughout the region to highlight invasive species of concern
  • Community pull events to promote community involvement in invasive species management and land stewardship
  • Presentations and workshops to interested groups
  • Education and awareness campaigns, including Don’t Let it Loose, PlantWise, Clean, Drain, Dry and PlayCleanGo

To have an overview of our 2018 programs please download the CKISS 2018 Annual Plan


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