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Moving firewood is a Bad Idea!

Small bugs, eggs and tree killing diseases can be in your fire wood and you may not know it.  Avoid putting our beautiful forests at risk by only using fire wood that has been cut locally.

How local is local?

  • Firewood that has been cut within 20 km of your fire is ideal.
  • If firewood has been cut 80 km or more of your fire, then it’s too far.

What are the impacts of moving fire wood?

  • Tree- killing insects and diseases can destroy our forests
  • Threated property values
  • Be costly to control

What can you do to help?

  • If you purchase firewood ask the seller the source of the wood, if it’s not local then find another seller
  • Buy it where you burn it! Enjoy a fire on your next camping, hunting, RV trip but don’t take firewood with you.
  • Even if your wood looks clean and healthy (no bugs, holes, burrows) it is still NOT ok to transport. It is impossible to see with your naked eye microscopic fungus spores or tiny insect eggs.
  • Tell your family and friends not to move firewood.

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