Kootenay Broom Buster Program

Become a Kootenay Broom Buster!

We proudly announces the launch of the Kootenay Broom Busters Program, a pilot program aimed at harnessing community engagement to combat the spread of invasive Scotch broom in the Kootenays.

Ready to make a difference?  Join a growing community that is building climate resilience- be a volunteer, an ambassador or report scotch broom.

💪 Why should you be a BroomBuster?
– Protect Native Habitats – Enhance Wildlife Habitats – Reduce Fire Risk

– Get outside- Reduce stress- Learn from each other – Make a Tangible Impact

– Build community – Meet people- Neighbours helping Neighbours

Why and How to Cut Broom

Cutting broom at ground level while it’s in bloom is an effective method to control its spread. By doing so, the broom will perish in the dry summer heat. However, it’s crucial to avoid disturbing the soil, as this can stimulate the germination of persistent seeds from previous years.

How to Cut Broom:

  • Cut broom at ground level or just below, ensuring to remove the entire plant.
  • Avoid pulling or digging, as this can disturb the soil and promote seed germination.
  • Preserve the ground cover (grass, trees, native plants) to provide shade and prevent broom seeds from sprouting.


  • Broom thrives in sunlight, so maintaining ground cover helps suppress its growth.
  • Small broom can be pulled, but larger ones should be cut to prevent regrowth.

Scotch broom disposal

Ensure you dispose of your Scotch broom following best management practices! Leaving dead Scotch broom on site increases the risk of fire.
    How to dispose of large loads of Scotch broom:
    • Loads greater than 1.5 m3 of Invasive species should be disposed at Landfills only.
    • When bagging large quantities of invasive species is impractical, alternative methods of containing loads may be applied with prior approval.
    • People wishing to dispose of significant loads of Noxious Weeds and/or applying alternative methods of containing the weeds must be preapproved by the RDCK admin at 250.352.8161 or email wastedept@rdck.bc.ca to review their processes and get approvals. To discuss alternative methods of containing invasive plants in the RDKB contact the McKelvey Creek Landfill at 250.364.9834.

Why is Scotch broom a problem?

The invasion of Scotch broom is a pressing environmental concern in the Kootenay region, but together, we can take action to combat it. Scotch broom is a highly aggressive and flammable invasive plant, ranked as the top offender of biodiversity in British Columbia. Its rapid growth outcompetes native plants, disrupts ecosystems, and poses a threat to native wildlife. To learn more about Scotch broom visit the plant profile. 

Help us remove invasive Scotch broom in the Kootenay area!

Taking action against Scotch broom is essential for preserving the health of our ecosystems. Together, we can make a difference and protect the natural beauty of the Kootenays. Join us in becoming a Kootenay Broom Buster today!