Erin Bates, Executive Director, 1-844-352-1160 ext 205

  • Primary communications and information sharing
  • Membership and partnership development
  • Strategic long-term program planning and development
  • Overall program coordination and management
  • Financial resource development and management
  • Human resource management
  • Overall education and outreach programming
  • Media

Laurie Carr, Executive Assistant, 1-844-352-1160 ext 210

  • Assisting Executive Director
  • Administration
  • Board Engagement and Recruitment


Khaylish Fraser, Aquatic Invasive Species Program Coordinator, 1-844-352-1160 ext 207


  • Clean, Drain, Dry & Don’t Let it Loose programs
  • Aquatic invasive species education, outreach and training
  • Zebra and Quagga mussel monitoring program
  • Bullfrog surveillance and eradication program
  • Columbia Basin aquatic invasive species program

Too be announced, Operations Program Coordinator

  • Operations development and planning
  • Inventory, mapping development and coordination
  • Coordination of invasive species treatments
  • Summer student supervisor
  • General education and awareness

Laurie Frankcom, Education Program Coordinator, 1-844-352-1160 ext 208

  • Don’t Let it Loose, PlayCleanGo and PlantWise programs
  • Community weed pull and restoration events
  • School and youth programs
  • General education and awareness
  • Media, communications and marketing
  • Summer student supervisor


  • Kootenay Weed Control
  • Chris Harkness Aquatics and Environmental
  • PinkDog Designs
  • Julia Gillmor
  • Morrow BioScience
  • VHA Accounting
  • Weeds, Toads and Fish
  • Sysmon
  • Durand Ecological Ltd.
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