May 20th, 2016 – Endangered Species Day

Endangered Species Day is an opportunity for people of all ages to learn about the importance of protecting endangered species and everyday actions they can take to help protect them.

In BC, it is estimated that 25% of endangered species, 31% of threatened species, and 16% of species of special concern are negatively impacted by invasive alien species (Voller and McNay 2007). Without efforts to contain their spread, invasive plants will generally increase their distribution exponentially, making the task of eventual control financially insurmountable. With models of climate change predicting greater success and adaptation of invasive species, managing these species now will help better protect these vulnerable endangered plants and animals.

An example of this can be seen in the photo of knapweed encasing the eggs of the rare Western painted turtle. To learn more about this story click here.

Painted turtle hatchling deaths cause by knapweed roots
Environmental Impacts

You can help protect endangered species from being negatively impacted through the following simple actions:

  • Be PlantWise: Choose native or non-invasive plants for your garden. To learn more about how to become
  • Don’t Let it loose: if you have a pet please do not release it into the wild. For more tips for pet owners click here.
  • Play Clean Go: arrive and leave a recreation site with clean gear, clothing and equipment. Don’t forget to check your dogs fur for plant parts and seeds.
  • Clean Drain Dry your watercraft and equipment when you are moving it between bodies of water.