Bullfrog Open House in Creston

CKISS and the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area (CVWMA) hosted an open house in Creston earlier this week to educate residents about the threat of invasive American Bullfrogs.


Creston residents learned:

  • Why Bullfrogs are a threat to the Creston area ecosystem, and their current known locations
  • How to identify and report Bullfrogs
  • Details of what is being done to control the spread of Bullfrogs in our area
  • How members of the public can help!


BF Openhouse 2


CKISS Aquatic Program Coordinator, Khaylish Fraser and CVWMA’s Head of Operations Marc-Andre Beaucher were on hand to answer questions and discuss details of the Bullfrog Program.

BF Openhouse3

More details on the American Bullfrog are available on our CKISS website.

If YOU see or hear a bullfrog report it!

  • Phone: 1-250-354-6333
  • Fax: 1-250-354-6332
  • Email: kootenaybullfrog@gov.bc.ca

If you have an aquatic pet, DON’T LET IT LOOSE!