Kudos to FortisBC Inc. for removing invasive yellow flag iris from the Brilliant Dam debris boom!

We here at CKISS applaud the efforts of FortisBC Inc. for removing a significant infestation of yellow flag iris from the debris boom at Brilliant Dam in March. CKISS has listed yellow flag iris as a priority action species in our region and it must be controlled immediately. It is capable of invading new areas quickly because it can spread by seeds and rhizome fragments. Once established, it out competes native plant species and ultimately disrupts an area’s ecosystem complexity. These disturbances result in reduced habitat suitability and support for wildlife – especially for breeding, staging, and migrating waterfowl. In addition, the plant can sicken livestock if ingested and can cause skin irritation in humans.

Yellow Flag Iris Infestation

Proper Disposal is vital!

Did you know that all landfills within the RDCK and RDKB accept invasive plant species for free! Ensure your material is bagged in clear plastic bags and notify the attendant that you have invasive plant species. Plants must be identifiable through the bag. For more information please see the RDCK Resource Recovery Bylaw

Proper disposal of invasive plant waste is vital in preventing further infestations from popping up.

How did yellow flag iris get here?

This invasive plant was introduced through the horticulture industry when gardeners planted it into their water gardens. It has now “jumped the garden fence” and ended up in natural areas causing environmental harm. CKISS is an active ambassador for the province-wide PlantWise program.  PlantWise was designed to educate and motivate both the horticulture industry and home gardeners to choose safe alternatives or native plants instead of invasive ones.Plantwise Logo