CKISS 2022 Field Season is Coming to an End

As the field season begins to wind down, the CKISS crew is able to reflect on the many projects and activities they were able to work on. The activities spanned from inventories, public sighting verifications, mechanical treatments, landowner outreach, and more.

What does the CKISS field crew do?

  • mechanical treatment and disposal of invasive plants,
  • return to areas previously treated to monitor them, to ensure effective control of an invasive plant over multiple years,
  • respond to public notifications to confirm the identification of plants on the ground, many of these are in city centres and along recreational trails,
  • surveying areas for invasive species in restoration areas, shorelines, provincial parks, and more.

With excitement and hard work, the CKISS field crew was able to wrap up the largescale inventory of the Regional District of the Central Kootenay (RDCK) properties. By doing so, we were able to gather valuable information about which invasive plants are present in the region. This is a great opportunity to see many different areas and start initial steps towards a better understanding of what is on the ground in order to inform future management practices.

With the change of seasons and the field season winding down, we said goodbye to two of our field technicians. They were such a joy to work with and contributed to an incredibly effective field season. We are so excited for the adventures they are heading towards next and wish them all the best. Thank you to Alicia Guay and Sydney Zimmer for all that you did this summer!