August 26, 2023: CKISS Outreach Booth at the Kaslo Farmers Market

Is this the year you want to tackle the invasive plants on your property? Come find the CKISS Outreach Booth at the Kaslo Farmers Market on Saturday August 26. We will be there from 9 am until 1 pm with free resources to help you manage your property and tips on how to prevent them from spreading into the natural world.

Nestled along a grassy green park in the middle of downtown Kaslo, amongst stunning views of the Purcell Mountains, the Kaslo Saturday Market is humming along almost twenty years in.

Every Saturday through the summer, live music drifts through the air as cheerful local vendors congregate to form a cornucopia of food, art, and music. A bounty of culinary options line the market, from fresh fruit and unique vegetables, to locally raised meat and freshly baked treats. Artisans showcase their handcrafted pottery, woodworks, floral arrangements, textiles, and jewelry – with even more downtown Kaslo retail shopping just steps away. More details can be found on their website.