Reflecting on 2023: CKISS Digital Photo Album, A Year of Achievements and Appreciation

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to pause and acknowledge the incredible support from our funders, partners, members, and volunteers who have been instrumental in making Central Kootenay Invasive Species Society’s (CKISS) achievements possible. Your dedication and contributions have shaped a year of impactful programs and initiatives.We invite you to join us in revisiting the highlights of 2023 through the CKISS Digital Photo Album. Click on the dropdown menu below to explore a snapshot of our supporters and programs—a visual journey that encapsulates the collective efforts that define CKISS’s success. Thank you for being an integral part of our mission in 2023.

Aquatics Program Photos

🚤 Update on B.C. Invasive Mussel Defence Program🦓💪 🚫: Lake monitoring remains a crucial element in our efforts to safeguard B.C.’s freshwater ecosystems. From early June to October 2023, we collected 267 samples from local lakes and rivers to test for the presence of invasive zebra and quagga mussels (Dreissena polymorpha and Dreissena rostriformis bugenis). 🔍 We’re thrilled to report that all samples tested negative for the presence of these invasive mussels! 🙌 This is fantastic news, as invasive mussels have the potential to wreak havoc on B.C.’s freshwater ecosystems, and once established, eradication becomes a monumental challenge. 🌊 Your continued support and vigilance are crucial in maintaining the health of our waterbodies. Let’s keep our lakes mussel-free and preserve the beauty of B.C.’s natural habitats! #CleanDrainDry ALL your watercraft and gear. 🏞️ #InvasiveSpecies #LakeMonitoring #ProtectOurWaters #BCEnvironment 🌲 CKISS recognizes the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, and the Province of British Columbia for making significant financial contributions to support the Invasive Mussel Defence Program. These lake monitoring efforts support the Province’s ongoing delivery of the Invasive Mussel Defence Program.


🎉 Central Kootenays Stay Mussel-Free in 2023, Thanks to Columbia Power! 🚤💦 Thrilled to announce that the Central Kootenays are zebra and quagga mussel (ZQM) free in 2023! 🙌 These mussels pose a unique threat as they can attach to hard surfaces and survive out of water for weeks, making monitoring crucial to prevent their spread between waterbodies. A massive shoutout to Columbia Power for their generous support of the CKISS Mussel Monitoring Program! 🌊 Your financial contribution is instrumental in safeguarding our local water bodies and preserving healthy aquatic ecosystems. 🌿 Thank you for helping us keep our waters pristine! 💙 #MusselFree2023

Education & Outreach Program Photos

🚤💙 Big Shoutout to FortisBC for Keeping Our Waters Safe! 💦🌿 Thanks to the fantastic support from FortisBC, we had 4 eye-catching Clean, Drain, Dry billboards up in the Central Kootenay region! 🙌 These roadside signs serve as powerful reminders to thousands of boaters each year to #CleanDrainDry their watercraft and gear. Your funding plays a crucial role in protecting our waters from aquatic invasive species. 🌊 Let’s all do our part to #ProtectOurWaters and keep our waterbodies pristine for generations to come! 🌟 Thank you, FortisBC, for being a champion for the health of our aquatic ecosystems! 🌊💚
🌿👟 Thanks, BC Parks, for Partnering with CKISS to Protect Our Parks! 🏞️💙 Exciting news! With support from BC Parks, CKISS designed custom Play-Clean-Go kiosks at Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park and Valhalla Provincial Park Gimli Trailhead. 🚴‍♂️🥾 Let’s keep our trails clean! CKISS also hosted an outreach booth and presentation at the Kokanee Nature Centre in the summer of 2023. 🎓🌍 Thank you, BC Parks, for helping us preserve the beauty of our parks! #PlayCleanGo #BCParks
🌿📚 Grateful for a busy education schedule in 2023! Thanks to Columbia Basin Trust, we hosted close to 60 events, reached 2400+ people, and shared nearly 3000 resources in our region. This funding also fuels our communication efforts – signs, website updates, social media, press releases, and CKISS’n Tell newsletter. Big thanks to Columbia Basin Trust for supporting CKISS this year! 🙌💙 #CommunitySupport #EducationWins
🌿✨ In 2023, our Education Program thrived with community weed pulls, youth field trips, presentations, and workshops. Thanks to the Province of British Columbia’s Gaming Grant, we expanded Play Clean Go and Clean Drain Dry signage in the Kootenay region, promoting responsible actions to prevent invasive species spread. We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the @Government of British Columbia . Your support made our Education Program a success! 🙌🍃 #Gratitude #ConservationWins #protectthekootenays
In 2023, CKISS hosted successful Youth Pulling Together events in Rossland & Trail. The youth volunteers gained hands-on knowledge about the impact of invasive plants on ecosystems and economies, along with plant ecology and removal techniques. Thanks to the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary for making our Youth Pulling Together program possible! 🌿👏 #CKISS #YouthInAction #InvasiveSpeciesEducation


Dig into the EcoGarden Program! 🌱🌿 Gardening meets conservation with CKISS. In 2023 we helped gardeners discover plants perfect for Central Kootenay, that support local wildlife and tackle climate, water, and fire challenges. Let’s grow something good together! 🌍💚 Thanks to RDCK grants for making EcoGarden possible. #EcoGarden #ConservationGardening #GrowWithCKISS
In 2023, CKISS organized ‘Community Weed Pull’ events in Kootenay Bay battling Scotch broom and in Robson cutting and digging out Himalayan blackberry . An event highlight was the FREE Community Broom Bash & Weaving Workshop in Kootenay Bay. Volunteers tackled Scotch broom patches at Pilot Bay and then learned how to weave with the green waste! So fun! Special thanks to the Regional District of Central Kootenay for their support! 🌿🛠️ #CKISS #CommunityWeedPull #InvasiveSpeciesAction
Exciting news! Year two of our three-year project, ‘Communities Protect Freshwater Together: Riparian Restoration in the Kootenay Region,’ is underway. We’re engaging and inspiring the local community to safeguard freshwater quality through restoration efforts. In 2023, we coordinated weed pulls and planting events in Harrop, Rossland, and the Slocan Valley. Thanks to all our amazing volunteers and the Government of Canada for their vital support! 🌿💙 #FreshwaterProtection #CommunityEngagement #RiparianRestoration This project was undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada through the federal Department of Environment and Climate Change. Ce project a été réalisé avec l’appui financier du government du Canada agissant par l’entremise du ministère fédéral de l’Environnement et du Changement climatique


In the 2023 school year, CKISS Education brought STEMming with Invasive Species to 10 Kootenay classrooms! 🌿🔍 This hands-on program delves into invasion biology, challenges students to engineer a spongy moth trap, and teaches plant ID, data collection, and mapping outdoors. We acknowledge the support of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). Nous remercions le Conseil de recherches en sciences naturelles et en génie du Canada (CRSNG) de son soutien.
🌿 CKISS: Safeguarding Ecosystems and Communities! In 2023, our Education Program reached residents, youth, business owners, and more, inspiring action against invasive species. We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the @Government of British Columbia . Their crucial support helped fuel the CKISS Education Program in 2023! 🙌🍁

Field Program Photos

🌱 Exciting collaboration alert! In 2023, BC Hydro teamed up with CKISS for another year of tackling invasive plants. Their field season included inventories and outreach along transmission line right of ways, crucial for controlling invasives and keeping communities informed. 🌿 Priority target: North Africa Grass (Ventenata dubia), a fast-spreading newcomer. Thanks to BC Hydro’s support, CKISS effectively managed to halt its aggressive spread! 👏🌍 #BCEnvironment #InvasiveSpecies #ProtectTheKootenays
🌿 A Big Thank You to BC Parks! 🏞️ In 2023, CKISS partnered with BC Parks to manage invasive plant infestations in Pilot Bay, Kokanee Creek, and Beaver Creek Provincial Parks. 🌲 Working at CKISS at BC Parks sites is more than a job—it’s a scenic adventure with boat rides, breathtaking vistas, and the occasional blackberry snack! 🚤 Our 2023 highlights: a successful conquest over cutleaf blackberry at Pilot Bay Provincial Park. 🎉 Also, we tackled greater celandine at Kokanee Creek and sowed native grass seed at Beaver Creek. 🌾 Gratitude to the Province of British Columbia for the vital financial support through BC Parks in 2023! 🙏 #ProtectTheKootenays #BCParks #InvasiveSpecies #ConservationSuccess 🌳
🌟 CKISS teamed up with Columbia Power in 2023 to tackle invasive plants along transmission lines in Brilliant and Waneta. 🌲 Our field crews conducted comprehensive inventory and photo plot transect monitoring. 📸 Transects are a powerful tool, offering detailed insights into the change in herb, shrub, and tree coverage over extended periods. 📊 This data is crucial for assessing the effectiveness of our treatments. Huge thanks to Columbia Power for the invaluable support! 🙌🔧 #CKISSxColumbiaPower #InvasiveSpeciesManagement #ConservationPartners #Grateful 🌱✨
Big thanks to Fortis for their invaluable support in managing invasive plants along the 71L transmission line! 🌿✨ We tackled invasive plants to preserve the natural landscape. Together, we’re making strides in conservation! 💪🔧 #FortisSupport #InvasiveSpeciesManagement #ConservationPartnership”
Gratitude to Fortis BC for their continued support in managing invasive plants along their gas line right-of-ways! 🌿🛣️ These efforts play a crucial role in curbing the spread of invasive plants across the region. Thank you, Fortis BC, for your commitment to environmental stewardship! 🙏💚 #FortisBCSupport #InvasiveSpeciesManagement #EnvironmentalStewardship
Gratitude to the Province of British Columbia and the Ministry of Forests for their generous financial support! 🌲💙 With their funding, CKISS effectively managed high-priority species like marsh plume thistle, wild parsnip, and garlic mustard in the Central Kootenay. We also joined forces in the search for invasive American Bullfrogs in the Creston Valley alongside the Ministry of Forests, the Northern Leopard Recovery Program, the Calgary Zoo, and the Nature Conservancy of Canada. We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Forests.
Big shoutout to the Province of British Columbia and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure for their crucial financial support! 🚗💙 This field season, CKISS took action by installing ‘No Mow’ signs to curb the spread of invasive plants like knotweed, field scabious, and north Africa grass. We also tackled Scotch broom on roadsides, mitigating serious fire hazards. Thank you, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, for your continued support! We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia. 🌿🔥 #BCMinistryofTransportation #InvasiveSpeciesManagement #Grateful
Nature Conservation in Action! 🌿 CKISS field crew, in collaboration with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, focused their efforts on Darkwoods and Frog Bear Corridor properties. Our summer was filled with mechanical removal of invasive plants in the Frog Bear Corridor, nurturing native plant growth for restoration. Save the frogs! 🐸 Another highlight: the release of Spotted Knapweed biocontrol agents (affectionately called ‘Larry’s’) on NCC’s Darkwoods property near Tye. These introduced weevils naturally prey on Spotted Knapweed, reducing its spread. Huge thanks to the Nature Conservancy of Canada for the opportunity! 🌲💚 #NatureConservation #CKISSFieldWork #Gratitude #ProtectTheKootenays
Big thanks to the Nature Trust of BC for their outstanding efforts in invasive plant management throughout 2023! 🌿 This year, CKISS collaborated at the Marsden Face-Rixen Creek and Carroll Creek conservation properties, conducting inventories and mechanical treatments. Special gratitude to NTBC for their invaluable contributions to the Kootenay River Riparian Project! 🙏💚 #NatureTrustBC #InvasiveSpeciesManagement #ConservationPartnership #ProtectTheKootenays
Hats off to the RDCK for their steadfast commitment to tackling invasive plants! 🌿 Thanks to their support, our field crews conducted crucial inventories on RDCK properties, providing valuable insights for our focus in 2024. We also successfully removed significant amounts of Scotch Broom, Himalayan Blackberry, and Hoary Alyssum. Big thanks for helping us #ProtectTheKootenays! 🙌💚 #RDCKSupport #InvasiveSpeciesManagement #ConservationWin
A huge shoutout to the RDKB for their support in managing invasive plants through the Area A Private Land Noxious Weed Program in 2023! 🌿 Your commitment to environmental stewardship is making a positive impact. Thank you! 🙏💚 #RDKBSupport #InvasiveSpeciesManagement #EnvironmentalStewardship #ProtectTheKootenays
Celebrating another successful year for the Riparian Project in 2023, thanks to our incredible partners! 🌿 The project saw the removal of 3000kg of yellow flag iris and purple loosestrife from the Kootenay River and the West Arm. Restoration efforts included planting native riparian species like red-osier dogwood and sedges. CKISS also conducted vital inventories, identifying sites for future visits. Many thanks to our funders and partners: Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, Okanagan Nation Alliance, Nature Trust of BC, Columbia Basin Trust, Teck, Fortis BC, and BC Hydro. 🙌💙 #RiparianProject #ConservationSuccess #Gratitude #ProtectTheKootenays
A heartfelt thanks to the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Forests for their steadfast financial support! 🌿 With this assistance, CKISS conducted invasive plant inventories in areas like Yahk, Edgewood, Pass Creek, Burton, and Arrow Park – all slated for wildfire fuel mitigation treatments in the Fall of 2023. These surveys, conducted before and after treatments, will offer crucial insights on reducing the spread of invasive plants during similar projects in the future. Very cool! 🌱🔍 We extend our gratitude to the Ministry of Forests for their ongoing support. 🙏💚 #BCMinistryofForests #InvasiveSpeciesManagement #Grateful #ProtectTheKootenays We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia


A big thank you to Teck Metals Ltd. for their vital support in our invasive plant management program in 2023! 🌿 CKISS crews worked diligently across a range of Teck properties in the West Kootenays, conducting inventories and removing invasive plants. Grateful for the collaboration, and we look forward to more impactful work together in the future! 🙏💼 #TeckSupport #InvasiveSpeciesManagement #ConservationPartnership #ProtectTheKootenays
🌿 Grateful for the opportunity to contribute! 🌿 CKISS extends a big thank you to @BCWildlifeFederation for having us in their Wetlands Education Program. In 2023, we focused on managing invasive plant communities at BCWF wetland restoration sites—removing hazardous plants like Poison Hemlock and creating solarization plots to make way for native plant gardens. A step towards promoting biodiversity in our local wetlands! 🌱🌎 Excited about future collaborations with BCWF! 🤝 #ConservationPartners #BCWildlifeFederation #WetlandsEducation #Biodiversity 🦋#ProtectTheKootenays


Kudos to Eco Canada for their crucial financial support! 🌿 Thanks to them, CKISS provided employment opportunities for individuals to apply their passion for the environment and gain valuable work experience in conservation. Our dedicated staff played a vital role in supporting the field crew’s invasive plant management planning and operations over the summer. Additionally, they serve as ambassadors in our community, educating residents about the impacts of invasive species and how to make a positive difference. Big thanks to Eco Canada for supporting our exceptional staff team – we couldn’t reach our goals without them! 🙌💚 #EcoCanada #ConservationWork #Grateful #ProtectTheKootenays
Gratitude to the Government of Canada through Canada Summer Jobs for their support! 🌿 In 2023, CKISS provided valuable work experience in the environmental field for youth. Three Invasive Species Technicians contributed to invasive plant management, education, and habitat conservation across the Central Kootenay region. The funds also assisted in hiring a seasonal Education Assistant, helping us spread the word and not the weeds! 🌱👏 #CanadaSummerJobs #YouthEmployment #EnvironmentalStewardship #ProtectTheKootenays