July 9, 2024 – CKISS Outreach Booth at the Fruitvale IncrEDIBLE Farmers Market

Concerned about an invasive species on your property? Just curious about invasive plants and how they interact with our local native ecosystems? Head down to the Fruitvale farmers market Tuesday July 9th between 3-6 PM and stop by the CKISS outreach booth! We love to talk about all of your invasive species curiosities and have a lot of helpful information available in free handouts!

Fruitvale’s IncrEDIBLE Farmers Market located downtown on Pole Yard Lane is the place to be! Support local businesses while stocking your pantry with agricultural products that are fresh, healthy, and delicious, and pick up some handcrafted items while you’re at it. More information can be found on their website.

Event Details:

  • Tuesday, July 9th 2024
  • 3-6 PM
  • Pole Yard Lane, Fruitvale, BC

CKISS gratefully acknowledges the Columbia Basin Trust and the Province of B.C. who support the CKISS Education Program.

Pop by our Outreach Booth!