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What are invasive plants?

Invasive plants (also called noxious weeds) are introduced, non-native plant species that take over our local landscapes. Because they arrive in Canada without natural predators to keep them under control, they choke out native plants, reduce biodiversity, affect agriculture, and impact wildlife habitat. Some of these species include spotted knapweed, purple loosestrife, and yellow flag-iris. Since these plants know no boundaries, a collaborative and cooperative approach to addressing them is critical.

Who is CKIPC?

CKIPC is a non-profit society that was formed in 2005 by local citizens, land managers and government and non-government agencies who share a common concern about the increase in non-native invasive plants in the Central Kootenay.

What types of events?

The CKIPC hosts workshops, Speaker Series, and Annual Field Tours to bring together land managers and other concerned citizens. These events provide an opportunity to share knowledge and perspectives and collaboratively identify solutions.

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