Invasive Species Priority Lists

Invasive Plants

Given limited resources for invasive plant management, CKISS manages invasive species using a prioritized approach. The management strategy for a specific species is based on a number of factors including the phase of invasion and the potential impacts of the species.To learn more about how CKISS manages invasive species, read our Operational Framework on the Publications page.

CKISS Invasive Plant Priority List 2021

wdt_IDScientific NameCommon NameCKISS RegionCreston IPMAKaslo IPMALower Arrow IPMANakusp IPMANelson IPMASlocan IPMAProvincial PriorityBC Weed Control Act Listing

CKISS has also created an iNaturalist Guide to Invasive Plants of the Central Kootenay which includes a photo of each species on our priority list.

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  • Priority Definitions and Management Approached

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Aquatic Invasive Species