Northern pike (Esox lucius) photo:J.Baxter

Northern Pike

Esox lucius


  • Also called pike, great Northern Pike, Jack, Jackfish and Pickerel.
  • Native to freshwaters of North America but not native to Southern BC.
  • Considered the monster of all freshwater fish species in western Canada.
  • Long, slimy body. Adults are typically 45-75 cm long.
  • Typical weight range is 0.5-4 kg.
  • Can reach 30 years of age.

Consequences of invasion

  • Predicted to have a high negative impact within the Columbia River system.
  • Species most vulnerable to northern pike are those with small adult body size and a lack of spiny rays.

Integrated pest management

  • It is illegal to transfer live fish between water bodies. People caught moving or releasing live fish into lakes or streams in BC will be prosecuted. This does not apply to catch-and-release fishing, when releasing fish directly back into the water at the point of capture.

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