A new education tool to prevent the spread of harmful invasive species : Redesigned CKISS brochures

We are excited to announce that we have BRAND NEW brochures that will be circulated throughout the Central and West Kootenays starting the end of April. These slick new brochures focus  on the behaviour changes that we can take in order to prevent the spread and introduction of invasive species. Do your part to protect the beautiful Kootenay landscape that we call home.

Aquatic Invasive Species Brochure: Protect Our Waters!

How can you help STOP Aquatic Invasive Species?

Clean, Drain, Dry

  • Clean all plants, animals, or mud from watercraft & related equipment
  • Drain any water onto land
  • Dry all items completely

Don’t Let it Loose

  • Know long term care of pet before purchase
  • NEVER release animals into the wild
  • Find an alternative to release

Terrestrial Invasive Species Brochure: Protect the Kootenays!

How can you help STOP Terrestrial Invasive Species?

Be PlantWise

  • Choose non-invasive plants for your garden
  • Remove invasives from your garden
  • Dispose of garden waste properly

Play Clean Go

  • Arrive clean
  • Stay on trails
  • Remove mud & plant parts from gear, boots, pets & vehicles

Buy it Where you Burn it

  • Use local firewood
  • Don’t move firewood
  • Burn firewood where you bought it

A Big Thank You to:

  • Columbia Basin Trust, Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program and Columbia Power.  Your support made design and production of this vital education tool possible.
  • Nichola Lytle from Pink Dog Designs for collaborating on the brochure design and messaging

If you would like these brochures at your bike store , marina, outdoor adventure store, pet store, garden centre etc please contact Laurie Frankcom for assistance.