Saturday August 5th, 2017 – CKISS is headed to the Creston Farmers Market to showcase cutting edge research using drones!

CKISS is coming to the Creston Farmers Market on Saturday August 5th to let you know about a promising new mapping technique that is being tested this summer to create a multispectral “fingerprint” of invasive Yellow Flag Iris within the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area. With support from the Wildlife Habitat Canada, CKISS and the Selkirk Geospatial Research Centre are using a drone equipped with a multispectral camera to gain a deeper and accurate understanding of the current infestation. Measuring the coverage of Yellow flag iris within critical wildlife habitat is important for removal planning purposes. 

Invasive Bullfrogs

In addition to the drone we will have on display we will have our bullfrogs specimens there too.  You get up close and personal with this invasive frog so you can learn how to ID a bullfrog if you see one in the wild. You can help us eradicate these highly invasive frogs that have been discovered in Creston. The first bullfrog in Creston was reported by a concerned citizen who was familiar with the bullfrog call and reported it to CKISS. As a result our Bullfrog Action team has ramped up surveillance and eradication efforts within the Creston area in order to protect vulnerable native species like the northern leopard frog from becoming a bullfrog’s lunch.

Come the CKISS booth to learn more about invasive bullfrogs and how YOU can help prevent their spread!

Event Details

Event name: Creston Valley Farmers Market
Location: Cooke St, Creston BC
Time: 9 am – 1pm

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