Western yellowstriped armyworm larva

STOP Western Yellowstriped Armyworm

The BC Ministry of Agriculture has had reports of the transport and sale of cut hay infested with armyworms. The Western yellowstriped armyworm is currently present only in the North
Okanagan. It is not present in other parts of Interior B.C. and Coastal B.C. The BC Ministry of Agriculture is seeking the cooperation of all producers to prevent the spread of this serious
pest from the North Okanagan to other parts of B.C. via infested hay, produce, farm equipment and truck

What you can do:

  • Larvae will take refuge under swaths or bales. Do not move or sell hay immediatelyafter baling.
  • Store bales in the field or shed for 1 – 3 weeks prior to transport to allow worms tomove out or die.
  • Inspect bales to ensure there are no worms before transporting or selling.
  •  If buying hay, inspect upon delivery to ensure there are no worms before unloading.
  • Hay equipment, farm trucks and other equipment should be cleaned between farms.
  • Clean hay equipment by spraying with air or water.
  • Inspect equipment coming onto your property for worms.

For more information about the Western yellowstriped armyworm, click here , or call the Kelowna office 250-861-7681

Prepared by Susanna Acheampong PhD, BC Ministry of Agriculture, Kelowna