May is Invasive Species Action Month in BC.

For the fifth year in a row, May has been set aside as ‘Invasive Species Action Month” in order to get British Columbians active in preventing and stopping the spread of harmful invasive species. Check out events, resources and information on invasive species through the dedicated website and on social media channels. Use the hashtag #BCinvasivesmonth to share your own posts or to follow online!

What actions you can take to prevent the spread!

  • Clean, Drain, Dry your watercraft! We have numerous pristine lakes and rivers to enjoy which have given us endless recreation possibilities for people of all ages.  Aquatic invasive species can act as hitchhikers and can latch themselves onto boats and gear.
  • Play Clean Go! Arrive at trail heads with clean boots/shoes, clothing & mountain bikes. While enjoying our trails invasive species can act as “hitchhikers” and latch onto you and your stuff!
  • Be a responsible pet owner and NEVER release unwanted aquarium pets or plants into the wild. Don’t Let it Loose! 
  • Be PlantWise! Choose native or non invasive plants for you garden. Gardens are a beautiful refuge however if invasive species are planted they can quickly spread from your property to your neighbors’ and natural areas.
  • Properly dispose of invasive plants. They are FREE at landfills in our region. Simply  separate out the invasives and place them into a clear bag. More info click here! 
  • Don’t move firewood. Small bugs, eggs and tree killing diseases can be in your fire wood and you may not know it.  Avoid putting our beautiful forests at risk by only using fire wood that has been cut locally.

“Human behavior is the number one way that invasive species are introduced. People spread them through the horticulture industry, the pet trade, moving firewood and by ‘hitchhiking’ on watercraft, clothing, vehicles and even your pet!” says Laurie Frankcom, CKISS Education Program Coordinator.