Knotweed Cost Share Program deemed a success in it’s inaugural year!

Knotweeds are among the 100 worst invasive species globally as listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, causing infrastructure damage, reduced property values, and damage to sensitive ecosystems. In addition, knotweeds are extremely difficult to eradicate, and the best methods are cost prohibitive for private landowners.

Knotweed’s aggressive nature can out-compete native species for space and resources…this lowers biodiversity! Photo credit: C.Hummert

Thanks to the Kootenay Lake Local Conservation Fund (KLLCF) and the Regional District of Central Kootenay, CKISS launched the “Knotweed Cost Share Program” in 2020. The goal was to support private landowners to protect native habitat, keep their property safe, and fulfill their legal responsibility by controlling knotweed on their land.

The program was very successful in its inaugural year

CKISS conducted extensive outreach and advertising for the program, resulting in 20 applications from interested landowners. Staff conducted surveys at 27 knotweed sites, completed 14 site visits to eligible application sites, and available funds were completely expended to support treatments at 10 sites. The remaining sites are currently on a wait list in the hopes that the program will continue in 2021. Responses to a follow up survey (as well as direct interactions with landowners) were positive, with landowners expressing gratitude for the program, and excitement to be rid of their knotweed.

2021 Plans?

We have applied to for funding to run the program in 2021. If successful we will post the news on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages. Follow us @ckisskootenay.