Saturday June 5, 2021 – CKISS Outreach Booth @ the Creston Farmer’s Market for BC Trails Day

June 5 is BC Trails Day – a part of the international celebration of Trails Day worldwide, BC Trails Day is dedicated to celebrating and caring for BC’s trail system, educating about responsible recreation and helping more British Columbians enjoy trails and outdoor spaces.

Did you know that invasive species can have a negative impact on our beloved trails? Invasive seeds and plant parts can hitch a ride onto your recreation gear and be introduced into a new area.

Your dirty recreation gear could be spreading invasive species!

If you are a hiker, mountain biker or ATV user we want to talk to you about the simple actions you can take to protect our trails systems and the ecosystems that surround them from the harmful impacts of invasive species.

Our outreach booth will be set up at the Creston Farmers Market on Saturday June 5 from 9 am – 1 pm. Stop by and ask us about the Play Clean Go program and beyond!