Pike are top-level hunters in aquatic food chains. Credit: katdaned via Wikimedia Commons

August 18, 2021- CKISS Outreach Booth will be at Zuckerberg Island in Castlegar

On Wednesday August 18, the CKISS outreach booth will be in Castlegar at Zuckerberg Island along with the Okanagan Nation Alliance (ONA). Come watch the ONA staff in action as they conduct field work for their North Pike Suppression Program.

Northern Pike can adopt to any habitat and have been documented moving further downstream in the Columbia River each year. Pike are apex predators and they have been known to deplete prey species from waterways, push out local fish and even collapse food webs. Through ONA’s suppression efforts, they have caught pike up to 27 lbs.  Come out to Zuckerberg Island and stop by the CKISS booth to learn about what makes Northern pike an unwelcome fish to the Columbia River and other aquatic invasive species!


Date: Wednesday August 18, 2021
Time: 10 am – 1 pm
Location: Zuckerberg Island, Castlegar. Look for the booth set up on the dyke.

Click here to go to our Northern pike species profile to learn more.

Northern Pike. Credit – Evan Smith