PlayCleanGo® Awareness Week Kicks off June 4-11, 2022

The Central Kootenay Invasive Species Society (CKISS) and PlayCleanGo® are excited to kick off the fourth annual PlayCleanGo Awareness Week, June 4 –11, 2022. A week dedicated to highlighting the importance of stopping the spread of invasive species, PlayCleanGo Awareness Week educates recreationists on quick and easy ways to responsibly enjoy the outdoors without spreading invasive species or pests.

Throughout the week, CKISS will join with PlayCleanGo to share information about invasive species and actionable steps that members of the public can take, whether they are out on a hike, bike ride, boating or enjoying a picnic in the park. For more information on what you can do to help stop the spread of invasive species and to take the pledge, click here. Follow CKISS on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest news, resources and Play Clean Go tips.

“As people head outdoors, we want them to know that a little bit of prevention contributes to a larger effort of preserving our land’s biodiversity and important habitats,” said Laurie Frankcom, Education Program Coordinator. “We look forward to sharing easy steps everyone can take to prevent the spread of invasive species. They can threaten the economy, food supply, environment and in some cases, even public health.”

Invasive species are a major threat to our native wildlife and ecosystems, with nearly 50 percent of endangered or threatened species at risk as the result of the spread. While often unintentional, people can spread invasive species with the items they move such as their boots, tires, boats, firewood, pets, horses and more.

June 4: CKISS outreach booth at Morning Morning Provincial park.

To kick off Play Clean Go Awareness CKISS will have their outreach booth set up at the base of Morning Mountain Regional Park on Saturday June 4th from 10 am – 2 pm. Before your bike ride or hike, stop by the booth to learn what actions you can take to protect our trails from invasive species. June 4 is also B.C. Trails Day, an annual celebration of trails, trail development and the healthy lifestyle they encourage.

Here are six easy steps you can take to stop the spread of invasive species:

  1. Clean your shoes, clothes, packs, and pets before
    Invasive seeds can hitch a ride to a new location on your clothing.

    and after exploring and stay on designated trails.

  2. Clean your horse’s hooves and feed them weed-free certified hay before your adventure.
  3. Clean, Drain, and Dry your watercraft and angling equipment to Protect Our Waters from Aquatic Invasive Species!
  4. Buy Local Burn Local! Don’t move firewood, buy local firewood, or gather on site when permitted.
  5. Before traveling to new areas, inspect and clean your trailers, off road vehicles, and recreational vehicles with water or compressed air to remove mud, plant parts, and hidden pests.
  6. Take the PlayCleanGo Pledge and invite your family and friends to do the same. Click here to take the pledge.

What is Play Clean Go?

PlayCleanGo is a North American wide education campaign that targets outdoor recreationalists.  The campaign’s purpose is to protect our valuable natural resources from the devastating impacts of invasive species while encouraging people to enjoy the great outdoors. PlayCleanGo promotes awareness, understanding, and cooperation by providing a clear call to action to be informed, attentive and accountable for stopping the spread of all invasive species through all recreation activities. We are a partner; through this partnership, we receive support with resources from the Canadian Council on Invasive Species and the The North American Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA).