Photo credit: Sascha Hallett

Be an Invasive Wise Angler! Let’s protect BC fish by working together to keep Whirling Disease out of BC!

What is Whirling Disease?

  • a microscopic parasite that causes skeletal deformities , causing fish to whirl in a tail-chasing behaviour.
  • potentially killing up to 90% of juveniles of trout, salmon, whitefish
  • Whirling disease has not yet been found in BC, but it has been found in neighbouring watersheds in Alberta

How can you help?

  • Become an Invasive Wise Angler! Attend the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC and CKISS a FREE Virtual Learn to Fish program for adults.
  • Never move fish or fish parts from one waterbody to another.
  • Use fish-cleaning stations where available or put fish parts in the local solid waste system. Do not dispose of fish, or any fish parts, in a kitchen garburator
  • Before moving a boat or any equipment (e.g. hip waders, life jackets, kayaks, etc.) between water bodies, be sure to follow Clean, Drain Dry protocol. Use hot water (at least 90° C) & pressure washer.

What should I do if I find a fish that is exhibiting signs of whirling disease?

  • Call the RAPP line 1-877-952-7277