Make Holiday Décor using Local, Invasive-Free Plants

Homemade wreaths and centerpieces made from natural materials can be beautiful, but ensure that you use invasive-free materials. Some common invasive species traditionally used for holiday décor are English ivy and holly. Ivy in particular has become problematic on the West Coast of B.C., where the escaped garden ornamental has taken over natural spaces. Some people in our area have used invasive Scotch broomteasel, and common tansy to decorate their homes and businesses.

Native plants like Oregon grape, red elderberry, and kinnikinnick look beautiful mixed with cedar boughs for seasonal decorations at home or work. The bonus of using these native species is that they don’t have any negative impacts on the environment the way that invasive plants do. We ask that you still forage responsibly!

You can learn more about invasive ornamental plants and their alternatives in the Grow Me Instead guide.