Fuller's Teasel (Dipsacus sativus)
Fuller's teasel (Dipsacus fullonum)

Fuller’s teasel

(Dipsacus fullonum)


  • Native to Europe.
  • Monocarpic perennial.
  • Produces an abundance of seeds, up to 2000 seeds (30-80% are viable).
  • Can grow up to 6 feet tall.
  • Large taproot, up to 2 feet in length.
  • Large purple flower heads, blooms from June-September.
  • Tolerates a variety of soils, from dry to wet.
  • Limited to the Rossland, Warfield , Trail and Creston area.

Consequences of invasion

  • May be competitive with native vegetation in rangelands.
  • Forms dense stands that are impenetrable to livestock.

Integrated Pest Management Options

  • Pull or dig small infestations when soil is moist.
  • Cut flowering stalk down before full bud stage.
  • Cutting flowering stems may need to be repeated for several years.
  • Chemical control may work on larger infestations.

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