New Ford EV Lightning: Zero Emissions Thanks to Columbia Basin Trust

CKISS is thrilled to announce the addition of a new 100% electric truck to our fleet for the busy field season, thanks to the @Columbia Basin Trust through the non-profit SMART Grant! This EV truck allows our field and education crew to efficiently travel throughout the region with NO EMISSIONS, managing invasive species and delivering educational activities. Thanks to this program and truck we are able to increase our energy efficiency, adapt to climate change impacts and reduce our overall greenhouse emissions.
A New Era in Field Operations
This year marks a pivotal moment as the Ford EV Lightning hits the field for the first time, supporting our dedicated Invasive Species Technicians and Outreach/Education Assistant in their crucial work which includes driving all through the region, but now with less impact.
A Future of Sustainable Conservation
The introduction of the Ford EV Lightning into our operations is more than just an upgrade in our transportation. It represents our commitment to integrating sustainability into every aspect of our work. As we continue to combat invasive species and protect the natural beauty of the Central Kootenay Region, we are proud to do so in a way that also prioritizes the health of our planet.
We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Columbia Basin Trust for their support in this initiative through their non-profit SMART grant.
Together, we are driving towards a greener, more sustainable future.
Let’s continue to make a positive impact on our environment, one step—and one drive—at a time!
Thanks from the entire CKISS team!