New Regulation: Pull the Plug on Your Watercraft – It’s the Law!

As of May 17, 2024, a new regulation in British Columbia makes it illegal to transport your watercraft with the drain plug still in place. This crucial law aims to protect our water bodies from the spread of aquatic invasive species, particularly focusing on the containment and prevention of whirling disease.

Why This Matters

Whirling disease has been detected in Yoho National Park in B.C., posing a significant threat to our aquatic ecosystems. The disease primarily affects salmonid fish, including trout and salmon, causing severe deformities and increasing mortality rates. Preventing its spread is essential to maintaining healthy fish populations and protecting our waterways.

What You Need to Do

Before transporting your boat or any other watercraft, you must:

  • Remove the Drain Plug: Ensure that all water is drained on dry land.
  • Drain All Compartments: This includes internal compartments such as ballasts, bilges, and live wells.

Clean, Drain, Dry Protocol

The new regulation is part of the broader Clean, Drain, Dry initiative designed to prevent the spread of invasive species. Here’s a quick reminder of the steps:

  1. Clean: Remove all mud, plants, and aquatic life from your watercraft and gear.
  2. Drain: Ensure that all water is drained from your boat, including internal compartments.
  3. Dry: Allow your watercraft and gear to dry completely before moving to another water body.

Why Pull the Plug?

Pulling the plug is a simple yet effective measure to ensure no residual water remains in your boat, which can harbor harmful organisms. By adhering to this regulation, you help safeguard our waterways from invasive species like whirling disease.

Support and Acknowledgment

A special thanks to FortisBC for supporting the CKISS Clean Drain Dry Program. Their contribution helps us spread awareness and provide the necessary resources to protect our waters.

For more information and resources on how to follow these protocols, visit the ‘On the Water’ page. Together, we can make a difference in preserving our natural habitats and ensuring our waterways remain healthy and vibrant.

Stay vigilant, and remember: Pull the Plug to protect our water!

For further details, updates, and volunteer opportunities, keep an eye on the CKISS website and our social media channels. Let’s work together to protect our beautiful B.C. waters!