Hoary Alyssum (Berteroa incana)
Hoary alyssum

Hoary alyssum

(Berteroa incana)


  • Native to east-central Europe and western Asia.
  • Annual to short-lived perennial.
  • In the Mustard family.
  • Has white flowers on multiple stalks.
  • Grows well on sandy and/or gravelly soils and dry disturbed open sites.
  • Reproduces by seed.
  • Found throughout the CKISS region.

Consequences of invasion

  • Invades rangelands and pastures, impacting livestock.
  • Infestations can reduce hay quality and value.
  • Toxic to horses; causes depression, swelling of lower legs, fever, diarrhea, and potentially death.

Integrated Pest Management Options

  • Pull or dig small infestations when soil is moist.
  • Proper pasture and rangeland management, minimizing soil disturbance and overgrazing.
  • Chemical control may work on larger infestations.

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