Meadow Knapweed (Centaurea debauxii)
Meadow knapweed (Centaurea debauxii)

Meadow knapweed

(Centaurea debauxii)


  • Native to Southern Europe.
  • Hybrid of black and brown knapweed.
  • In the Sunflower family.
  • Perennial that reproduces by seeds.
  • Flower is purple, blooms July through September.
  • Prefers disturbed and moist sites, along roadways, fields, open grasslands and pastures.
  • Distribution limited to Edgewood, Needles, Nakusp, Fauquier, Whatshan.

Consequences of invasion

  • May be competitive with native vegetation in rangelands.
  • Foliage is coarse and touch and not palatable to livestock.
  • Outcompetes grasses and other pasture species.

Integrated Pest Management Options

  • Handpull small infestations when soil is moist.
  • Repeated cultivation is effective.
  • Biocontrol agent available.
  • Annual monitoring is recommended.

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