Periwinkle (Vinca minor)


(Vinca minor)


  • Small, evergreen plant with showy white or purple flowers
  • Vine-like with glossy, dark green leaves
  • 5 pedalled flowers that are roughly 10cm in diameter
  • Forms dense mats on forest floor

Consequences of invasion

  • Periwinkle grows rapidly and forms dense, extensive mats along the forest floor, displacing native vegetation

Integrated Pest Management Options

  • Periwinkle can be pulled by hand, dug or raked up, being sure to remove underground portions
  • Where appropriate, mowing can be used to cut plants back but must be repeated regularly. Mowing following soon after herbicide application would improve control greatly
  • Become PlantWise and learn about Grow Me Instead. Select alternative, non-invasive species when planting ornamentals

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