May 27, 2020: Free Student Webinar! From Here & Away; Exploring the Differences Between Native & Invasive Species in BC’S Wetlands and Beyond!

Free Environmental Education Webinars for Students!

Let us teach you kids! CKISS is excited to be a presenter for CBEEN’s Wild Voices Webinar Series, a FREE online learning program designed for students learning at home.

We collaborated with CSISS to develop an interactive webinar that will focus on the differences between native and invasive species in wetlands and beyond. An introduction to the impacts and characteristics of invasive species will be followed by a lesson on why the American bullfrog and yellow flag iris are unwelcome guests in our wetlands.

After the lesson and discussion, students will be given activities that will turn them into Citizen Scientists while exploring the great outdoors . Activities include a backyard biodiversity scavenger hunt, creating a nature journal and using technology to identify and report invasive species

Webinar Details

Date: Wednesday May 27, 2020
Time: 10 am
Presenters: Laurie Frankcom from CKISS and Kim Kaiser from CSISS
Recommended Grade Level: Primary and Intermediate Elementary

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